Dr. Sydney Ceruto

Dr. Sydney Ceruto
Ph.D. Cognitive Neuroscience, NYU
M.A. Psychology, St. John's University
New York

Ph.D. Cognitive Neuroscience, NYU

M.A. Business Psychology, St. John's University

M.A. Behavioral Psychology, Binghamton University

B.S. Behavioral Science, Binghamton University

Certified Life and Career Coach

Forbes Coaches Council Member

I began my training and education in psychology, earning a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science, shortly after tragically losing both my parents. Psychology helped me to heal and grow, and I became obsessed about learning as much as I could about the mind-brain connection.  I went on to get 2 masters degrees, one in Behavioral Psychology and the other in Business Psychology, then continued on to earn a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience.

Over the years following my parents death, I went to many different therapists / coaches and spent tens of thousands of dollars looking for help and ways to end my suffering.  Quite honestly, I never felt they helped me in any significant way.  I knew there had to be a more effective approach that utilized our brains capability to change and adapt, that could genuinely help people.  That belief was the impetus for how and why I chose to break the mold, and implement this cutting edge approach.  I later became a Certified Life Coach so I could help clients in a less traditional and antiquated manner.  My goal was, and still is, to teach clients to utilize all of what I have learned in a more practical and impactful way.  This approach has helped them improve the quality of their lives, without having to spend countless years on the couch of their therapist or coach.

I have been in practice for 19 years and have worked with many Fortune 500 companies as their in-house psychologist and executive coach. Over the past two decades, I have donated thousands of hours providing mental health services to socio-economically challenged communities.

As a coach with a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience, I understand how to teach people to discard the attitudes and beliefs that hold them back by actually changing their brains. In place of those old bad habits, I teach them to embrace, develop, and grow the tools they need to succeed to their full potential. It’s a huge shift, and the key to making that extreme and all-important change is the amazing concept threaded through my entire strategy, neuroplasticity.

I have an avid intellect, a keen understanding of human nature and an uncanny ability to connect with my clients.  I am hands on, intuitive, compassionate and honest

I have lived in NYC for 16 years and still consider it the best city in the world.  I love to eat great food, drink wine and travel.  I am happily married for over two decades and have one son who attends Princeton University.  We have 2 dogs with whom I am utterly infatuated!

"I do what no one else in my profession will... I Give You The Answers!”

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