With all the life coaches and therapists out there, why work with you?

I possesses an uncanny ability to eradicate stumbling blocks and install astonishingly high levels of self-confidence and clarity. I am trained in Cognitive Neuroscience, which sets me apart from nearly all my competition. My education, cutting edge approach and astonishing results speak for themselves. I also strongly encourage self-sufficiency, while providing you with unwavering emotional support. I am an integral part of your therapeutic experience by offering guidance, advice and reinforcement throughout the process. I also arm you with an innovative set of life skill tools that allow you to forge a formidable path through the world.

Who do you work with?

I started coaching over 18 years ago and I have worked with a variety of clients – from celebrities, to business owners, creative professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals. My typical clients are men and women in their 20’s to 50s. I help them make better relationship and career choices through teaching them how to manage their emotions and gain insight into their behavior patterns. Many of my clients are individuals seeking to create a fulfilling relationship and a satisfying career in a most authentic way. Clients who come to me are committed to their personal growth. They are open to new perspectives and ready to invest energy and resources into achieving their desired results.

What can I expect from my first session?

We start by taking stock of your current situation and clarifying your goals. I ask questions designed to challenge your assumptions, encourage your own insights and explore your options. I incorporate various modalities and cutting edge psychology to facilitate change. Once your goals and anticipated milestones have been defined, we will construct a comprehensive plan to make certain you will achieve the results you desire.

Why is the 90 Day Total Transformation Package more effective than week to week visits?

The Total Transformation Package differs quite significantly from coming in one time per week in several areas. Firstly, the package is designed to prohibit any backsliding in the work that the client and I do. By providing constant support and reinforcement, client’s are consistently making forward progress without repeating old patterns of thinking and behaving. This allows for a quick and more permanent change towards the clients desired goals. Secondly, being able to have 24/7 access to me, enables you to obtain help in situations or crises in real time when the brain is most susceptible to change. If you are serious about feeling better, altering your current mental state and improving your emotional intelligence, there is no method more effective than this one.

How is Neuroplasticity different than regular life coaching or therapy?

Traditional forms of coaching or therapy have always been lacking in concrete evidence of authentic and enduring change within the clients brain or thinking patterns. When neuroscience began to discover more about the brain’s remarkable ability to change, it opened up new ways of thinking about our work with patients. By harnessing the power of neuroplasticity, we can help patients think more clearly, learn more easily, develop greater focus, and manage reactive emotions in stubborn areas of anxiety, depression, self esteem, trauma and interpersonal relationships.  

Can Neuroplasticity help with profound and perpetual mental and personality disorders?

Yes, absolutely. Not only can the implementation of neural re-wiring help abate your current psychological issue, but studies have shown that by changing our thought patterns on a neurological level, it can inhibit any new disorders from arising. The even better news is that neuroplasticity has shown us that your day-to-day behaviors can have measurable effects on brain structure and function, which can offer healing and recovery from even the most debilitating and persistent disorders.